UB Students visit TECO in New York


On Friday, October 18, 2013, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in New York City kindly welcomed Dr. Chunjuan Nancy Wei and her students from the University of Bridgeport. This opportunity to visit the office was an honor, after all it is not everyday that Foreign Service officials are willing and able to take time out of their full schedules to educate students and give them valuable information 


about Taiwan.
Once we had arrived and settled into the auditorium, I could not help but reflect on how significant this opportunity was. For someone like myself, who is trying to get into the diplomatic world, as were  many of those attendees that day, the two presentations on Taiwanese economy, government and its trade relationship with the United States of America were tremendously enlightening.

This trip allowed my fellow International Political Economy and Diplomacy (IPED) students and myself,
along with graduate students in East Asia and Pacific Rim Studies (EAPRS) program, to see the Asia Pacific region with new eyes. The anxieties and misconceptions I had about the region were quickly taken over by a desire to learn more about the language, culture and politics. We all hope to be able to experience further some of the things we were introduced to by TECO first hand.

The Foreign Service officials were very thoughtful and willing to answer our questions during their presentations and they also answered individual questions during the reception.
Taiwan is rich in culture and history; its economy is also on the rise making it stand out in the ever more globalized world. Not only is Taiwan a strong global economy but it is also a vital ally to the United States.
We would all be lucky to have the opportunity to visit this inspiring place.

Written by Khrystian Pereira

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