Anthony Ross Jr, Ph.D.

Chair of Biology (UG), Chair of Curriculum Committee, Senior Lecturer
College of Science and Society, Natural Science and Mathematics
(203) 576-4584
Dana Hall, Room 215

Ph.D., SUNY at Stonybrook, 1987

NBS 512 Histology
NBS 515 Physiology 1
NBS 525 Physiology 2
NBS 527 Microbiology 1
NBS 528 Microbiology 2
NRS 521 Research methods
NBS 530 Biomedical Integration
NRS 711 Thesis 1
NRS 811 Thesis 2
NRS 821 Thesis 3PH 612 Physiology 2
MB 521Microbiology 1 and
MB 612 Microbiology 2

Area of Interest:

Dr. Ross is committed to developing new, novel teaching methods, many of which include the integration of complex scientific concepts with the latest developments in educational theory.


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