Elena Cahill, J.D.

(203) 576-2389
Mandeville Hall, Room 105A

Elena Cahill, JD came to the University as an adjunct in 2005 while a Partner of the Law Firm Tyler Cooper and Alcorn, LLP, a member of Golden Seeds, a NYC-based women investing group, and later the Director of the Angel Investor Forum, a Connecticut-based angel investing group. Since that time she created two additional businesses and further sold one to a NYC-based private equity group. Elena Cahill joined the University as a full time professor in 2014 and created a student entrepreneurship center wherein students can bring their concepts to market. Elena is now the director of the School of Business.

J.D, University of Bridgeport, 1991

B.S., Business, University of Bridgeport, 1987

Mgmt 582

Mgmt 321

Blaw 251