Prabir Patra, Ph.D.

Chair, Professor
Biomedical Engineering, College of Engineering, Business, and Education, Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering
(203) 576-4165
Engineering - Technology Building, Office 159

The focus of Dr. Patra’s research is to understand the fundamentals of biophysical science processes at a nano-scale and apply their underlying principles to develop hybrid material structure, properties, and arrangement through growth and modification for novel biomedical engineering applications. Keeping this as the central theme, his research is directed toward two major areas. The first area involves continued research efforts on polymer nanomaterials that emphasize creativity and collaboration in developing a new understanding on fundamentals and technology of multifunctional polymer nanocomposite materials and biologically inspired nanomaterials. The second area involves ranges of biomaterials and tissue engineered structures using extensive experience in synthesis-structure-property-function relationships. In essence, his group focuses on the application of evolving nanotechnologies in health and health-based devices, diagnostic tools, and sensing for improving the quality of human life.

B.S. in Chemistry, Burdwan University, India
M.S. in Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, India
Ph.D. in Materials Science, Indian Institute of Technology, India

Biomedical Materials and Engineering
Tissue Engineering
Nanofabrication with Soft materials
Polymer Nanocomposites
Instrumental Analysis of Nanomaterials
Advanced Materials in Engineering